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Beware of Telephone Scams

Tuesday, March 14, 2017  


The Association was recently notified by a Sun City Resident of a telephone call they received from a telephone number that was identified in their caller ID as Sun City Community [847-515-7342]. 

The resident picked up the call and it was a recording about credit information. This is not an association phone number, and it is known as "spoofing"....anyone can do it. The Association researched the subject on Google and found apps available to anyone who wants to "keep their identity secret".
Please be careful and NEVER give your financial, personal or credit information out to ANYONE on the telephone. If one of our associates is calling you and does not receive an answer, we will leave a message or try to reach you at another time. Please protect your information at all times.


Below is a notice from the Huntley Police Department which unfortunately, seems to happen every tax season.


Beware of IRS Scams- From the Huntley Police

This time of year our thoughts turn to spring and the fun of filing our taxes.  Ok, so filing taxes is not fun. Unfortunately, some criminals prey on the stress and anxiety of tax season with IRS and tax related scams. These phone scams have a few variations, but there are some basic things you can do to help protect yourself this tax season and all year long.

Here are five red flags that will alert you to the scam.  Any one of these should tell you the call is not from the IRS:

 Receiving a call for immediate payment - the IRS will always send a postal letter first
Demanding immediate payment - the IRS will always provide an opportunity to question or appeal the amount they claim you owe
 Requiring a specific method of payment - the IRS will not require a prepaid gift card or wire transfer
Demanding credit or debit card numbers - the IRS will not ask for this information over the phone
 Threatening to bring in local law enforcement - the IRS will not order your arrest if payment isn't made immediately

If you receive this call, or any other call demanding payment, you should resist the urge to act immediately.  The scammers often try to confuse and intimidate, making you send payment without really thinking things through.  Hang up, and call the IRS official number (1-800-829-1040) to verify any debt.  If you do owe, the IRS will discuss your payment options.  

If you have questions on a call, please call the IRS or local law enforcement immediately.