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Decorative Mulch & Stone Reminder

Friday, March 10, 2017  


Reminders from Governance and Standards Department

Mulch/Bark: Dark hardwood shredded mulch may be used as ground cover and does not need Committee approval; however, other types of mulches [i.e. colored mulch] will require approval. It is important to purchase mulch from a reputable landscape provider. All mulch shall be cleaned and free from insect infestation and disease. Commercial Compost may be used on perennial and annual planting beds.


Rock/Stone Mulch:  All Rock/Stone mulch requires Committee approval.   Stone mulch may be used providing it adheres to the following
standards: the minimum size rock/stone cannot be less than 3/4 inch diameter, the maximum size rock/stone cannot exceed 1 1/2 inch diameter and colors must be earth tone only (i.e. buff, beige, charcoal, red, brown or black).   Decorative rock is not permitted as ground cover and is not allowed in turf areas. Pea Gravel is not allowed.

Decorative boulders are approved as follows: Moss Rock, Tan Limestone, Tan Sandstone and Granite. The number of stones or boulders used as decoration in landscape project(s) may be limited upon approval. Simulated rocks and stones are prohibited.