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Share, collaborate, exchange and grow – that is why we're here and we hope you are too. Engage and explore anytime, from anywhere there's a web connection.  Most information is available without having to sign in.

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By Denise Fox

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Fall Color Change Out
Fall color change out in the annual beds is set to begin, Monday, 9/15/2014. Brickman will be removing the summer annuals and planting the fall mums through the week of 9/15/2014. Thank you for your patience and here’s to some nice fall weather!

Board Of Directors Election Update
We recently learned that due to unforeseen circumstances, one of the candidates has withdrawn from running for a position on the 2015 Board of Directors. With four members running for four vacancies the Bylaws state:  "An Uncontested Election shall be defined as an election where there are only the same number or fewer number of candidates as there are vacancies on the Board to be filled.  In the event of an Uncontested Election, the candidates shall be considered elected by acclamation and no voting by ballot or any other means shall be conducted by the Association.”  Your 2015 Board of Directors members are Bonnie Bayser, Bill Bendick, Linda Davis, Dennis O’Leary, Gene Rhodes, Jim Van Fleet and Bill Ziletti.

Huntley Police Chief Perkins Shares Information Regarding Recent Burglaries
On Tuesday, July 29, at the Neighborhood Watch / Neighbors Helping Neighbors meeting Chief Perkins shared some information regarding preventing burglary. (more

Construction Alert - Del Webb Boulevard
Concrete work (including curb and gutter, and sidewalk repairs) is in progress for a 3.8 mile stretch of Del Webb Boulevard between Route 47 and Eakin Creek Ct. This area will be under construction through September.  Please drive carefully and reduce your speed through the construction zone. View Map

Was Your Parkway Tree Removed Due to Ash Borer?
If you are one of the many residents who lost your parkway tree due to Emerald Ash Borer, you might be interested in participating in the Village's 50/50 Tree Program. This allows you to replace the tree at a significant savings. (more)

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A Message from Your Wellness Nurse
Call 911, not The Wellness Center, in the event of a medical emergency.(more) 

Hoofers & Hunks 12th Annual Show
Sunday, September 28, and Monday, September 29, in Drendel Ballroom, $5.00 pp. Tickets still available. (more)

Cody Ray Slaughter as Elvis
Tuesday, September 23.  Cody Ray Slaughter is hailed as one of the most talented, young actors, singer and Elvis Tribute artist in the country. Slaughter performed at special events, corporate functions, and entertainment venues throughout the United States. His uncanny portrayal of Elvis Presley exhibits his amazing love for who he calls, "the greatest entertainer of all time”.  Open to the public. Video preview available. (more)

Veterans Free Presentation “Honor Flight & Vets Roll”
Tuesday, September 30. Did you ever wonder about the cost of these programs? Who pays for the trip? How do I sign up for these programs? Who is eligible? Free for Resident Veterans and One Guest. (more)

Beatles Tribute By The Cavern Beat
Wednesday, October 1.  Come and celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles with Cavern Beat. The Cavern Beat started its tribute journey by specializing in the early works, including many of the more obscure songs from the Hamburg and Liverpool eras, including those recorded live at the BBC.Video preview available. (more)

The Anthony Kawalkowski Orchestra
Tuesday, October 9. Come to Drendel Ballroom to see and hear the Anthony Kawalkowski Orchestra (AKO), comprised of some of Chicago’s finest and "in demand” musicians and vocalists, featuring full string and swinging brass sections, rhythm section and vocals. From Swing to Pop to Classics to Waltzes, with Elvis and some Rat Pack thrown in for good measure, you are guaranteed an evening of musical delights! Video preview available. (more)

Buddy Holly and Beyond
Tuesday, October 14. Johnny Rogers will transport his audience back in time when you could go to your favorite malt shops with your favorite girl and dance to your favorite bands. By his side is the legendary Tommy Allsup (2 time Grammy winning Producer and Artist). Tommy played on more than 6,500 sessions and was Buddy Holly’s friend and lead guitarist from 1958-1959. Video preview available. (more)

Free Seminars
Join these advertisers as they provide an in-depth look at their products and services. These programs do not reflect the views or recommendations of the Sun City Community Association of Huntley. (more)


• Charter Club Happenings • ( more )


Sunflower Garden Club
The Garden Club will be holding a mum sale on Sunday, September 14, 9 am - 1 pm at the Fountain View Pavilion. 10" mum pots will be available in many colors, and kale will be available as well. Everyone is welcome to come and make purchases. No sales before 9 am, but we traditionally sell out, so come in the morning, if possible, for the best selection.

Do You Have A Family Member Now Serving In The Military?  If so we need your help!
The Garden Club is putting together a patriotic tablescape to accompany our Patriotic Christmas tree in Prairie Lodge during the Christmas season. We would like to honor our service men and women by displaying photos of your military family member currently serving our country. If you can help please contact Nancy Frank. We need photos and information before November 10.

Computer Club Training Classes
If you are not familiar with computers and would like to get off to a great start, now is the time to take advantage of a three-session training class offered by our Sun City Computer Club to its members, welcoming all residents to join the club just in time for the classes starting September 10. (more)
Singles Club
October happenings and events.
 Ask The Woodchucks
Sponsored by the members of the Sun City Woodchucks and Co-sponsored with the Lifestyles Department.  The semi-annual "Ask the Woodchucks” furniture repair event will be held Wednesday, October 15, at the Millgrove Woodshop. (more)
The Theatre Company of Sun City Presents Irving Berlin's "White Christmas"
The Musical, Book by David Ives & Paul Blake, November 13 - 16. (more)
Kishwaukee Valley & Eakin CreekSun City Model Railroad Final Outdoor Events
Fall Open House Sunday, September 21, 2014, 11 AM until 4 PM.  Evening Operating Night Wednesday October 1, 2014 , 6 PM until 8 PM.Click on each event for more details.


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