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Classified Notice

While we continue to finalize the new software and website, effective immediately, we will begin to accept Classified Ad submissions which will "go live" at the same time the new website is introduced.  Please review the following policy highlights. 

  • Please carefully review your description and asking price prior to submission.  There will no longer be the ability to change or revise an existing Classified Ad other then to remove the Classified Ad due to item being sold.
  • No more than five (5) submissions per household at any one time. 
  • Image Size is 1MB when uploading Classified Ad photo.
  • Contact information and location of item MUST BE within Sun City Huntley Community.
  • Classified Ads automatically run for 30 days, unless you specify a shorter time period.

Should you have any questions, please call Kari Sieb at 847-515-7373. 

Submit a Classified Ad HERE