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Lifestyle Activities

The Lifestyle Department Mission

To uphold a welcoming, accepting, environment instituting a diverse array of recreational/educational opportunities for discovery and exploration celebrating individuality and community spirit.

Denny DiamondSpecial Events Programs  – Morning, afternoon and evening entertainment including movies, musical shows, dinner dances and exciting parties for all to enjoy.


people on bus going on a trip

One Day Trips – Give the opportunity to board a bus and visit interesting and exciting area locations. Travel to downtown Chicago to shop, see a play or go to a ball game.

Man holding up book and speaking into a microphone

ClassesProvides an opportunity to learn a craft or card game, attend lectures on opera and other subjects of interest.


Charter Clubs  -- There are woman oil paintingnumerous charter clubs that provide an opportunity for residents with common interests to gather for socialization and camaraderie. Charter club guidelines are available for those interested in starting new groups that will compliment the current club schedule.



Questions Regarding One Day Trips 
Contact:  Eileen Bowe
. . . . . 847-515-7654 - Email
Customer Service Coordinator

Questions Regarding Classes, Special Events & Charter Clubs
Contact:  Melissa Hornick
. . . . . 847-515-7619 - Email
Lifestyles Manager