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Resident Special Interest Groups

Listed here are the Resident Special Interest Groups.  Click on the one that you want to learn more about.  All may not have a page on this Website, so just click on the contact name.

Check on their Latest News too.

Group Meeting Time Contact
Huntley Merchants Sr. Men's Bowling   Thursday, 1pm   Rod Lear
Monday Mixed Bowling Monday, 9:30am Judy Mulcahy
Thursday Men's Bowling League Thursday, 10am Kim Fischer
Thursday Morning Ladies' Bowling League Thursday, 9:30am Judy Mulcahy
Residents' Bowling Wednesday, 10am Jim Packard
Hobby & Collections  
Amateur Radio Group, S.C.A.R. 3rd Friday, 11am Ray Kasprzak
Aviation 1st Thursday, 7pm Mike Birosak
Write On (Creative Writing)    1st & 3rd Friday      Mary Kennedy
ENCORE Chamber Orchestra   Per Schedule   Betty Kamps
Music Maverics Jazz Band Per Schedule Art Fitzgerald
The Prairie Winds Ensemble Thursday, 9:30am Beth Macaulay
Christian Fellowship   Per Schedule   Carole Dryden
God's Girls   Wednesday, 10am   Joyce Billings
The Good Book Group Tuesday, 10am Helen Terziski
The Sonshine Boys   Friday, 9am   David Billings
Spiritual Health   Thursday, 3:45pm   Matt Meyer
Social & Miscellaneous        
Property Tax Action Group        Alan Scott Larry Tellin
French Connections   1st Monday   Marie Peterson
Tiara Tea Per Schedule Jean Gnagni
Service Organizations        
Pinecrest Tuesday 18 Hole Men's League       Harry Anderle
Lions   2nd TH - 7pm/ 4th TH - 6pm   Helen Anderson
Sun City Marines   2nd Thursday, 2pm   Richard Christie
Neighbors Helping Neighbors /
Neighborhood Watchs
Per Schedule Jim Uszler
P.E.O.s   Saturday, Lunch   Jan Hardy
Rotary Club of Huntley
  Tuesday, 7:30am
  Jim Uszler
German-American   As Scheduled   Hans (John) Schmidt
Italian-American   4th Monday, 6:30pm   Karen Militello Diehl
Polish-American   3rd Monday, 1:30pm   Phill Kopczynski
Shalom   Friday, 6:45pm   David Rosenfeldt
Breast Cancer Support Hour   1st Wednesday, 1pm  

Andrea Berebitsky, Pat Oakley

Care of the Care Giver   2nd & 4th Monday, 10:30am   Wellness Center
Diabetes   4th Monday, 9:30am   Wellness Center
Grief Support   Friday, 10am   Sarah Elam
Parkinson's Disease   1st Monday, 10am   Wellness Center
Recovery-Self-Help Mental Health   Monday, 3:30pm   Rose Hamann
Stroke Survivors Support Group 3rd Tuesday, 1:30pm Gary Rohrbaugh
M'eye Low Vision Group   3rd Monday, 10am   Wellness Center