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Frequently Asked Questions (aka HELP)

Question: What is the "address" of the new website?
Question: What is my user name and password for the new website?
Answer:Your user name is firstnamelastname (no spaces or special characters).  If your name is John Smith, your user name is johnsmith.  Your password is pMMDDYYYY where MMDDYYYY is your birth date,( i.e. type the small letter "p" followed by your birth date. If your birthday is April 7, 1939, your password would be p04071939.  Click on this "How To" guide.
Question: Can I change my password? How do I do that?
Answer: Residents are encouraged to change their password. Go to "My Profile", "Manage Profile", "Edit Bio" and enter an easily remembered password. Passwords must be 8 characters and contain at least one number and one letter. Click on this "How To" guide.
Question: Do I need to sign-in" to see information on the new website?
Answer: In general, this site has been designed so that one does not have to Sign In to obtain a rich assortment of information. Signing In is for residents only allowing resident information to be visible, communicating with other residents, reading messages, changing one's profile information or getting to certain restricted portions of the site.
Question: What is "My Profile"?
Answer: This is how other residents will view your information. All items in this section are able to be edited including your first and last name.If you prefer to change your first name from William to Bill that is no problem.If you place a check mark next to an item, it will be displayed on your profile and visible to all Sun City residents.
Question: Can I add my picture to "My Profile"?
Answer:Yes, you can add a personal picture to your profile.
Question: What does "messages" mean?
Answer: You can read messages that others have sent to you. It is much like email but the content of the message, including attachments, is stored on the site for retrieval. The Message Center allows you to store your sent and received messages in folders (named in any way you like) as well as send messages to a person or group of residents (Connections). 
Question: Does this new website have an email system?
Answer: No. Each resident is encouraged to get their own email. Free email includes:,  However, the site has a built-in messaging capability for you to use to send messages to other residents within the Website.
Question: Will my "old email address at still exist?
Answer: No.
Question:  What is an Alert?
  1. It is a notice intended for the entire community.
  2. It is a notice that is urgent in terms of its timeliness for communicating to the community.
  3. Its subject matter is of vital and material importance.
  4. Its life is relatively short due to the notions of urgency and importance.
  5. Its use is intended to be infrequent.

Failure to meet these criteria qualifies the notice as a News item for the community.


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