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prairie lodgeThe Prairie Lodge

This is Sun City Huntley's most recognizable facility, centrally located and situated off Del Webb Boulevard. Coined "the cruise ship that never leaves", this beautifully maintained building sets the tone of the community, offering a variety of amenities and activities, while providing some spectacular views of the landscaped areas.

The 90,000 square foot facility has a large assortment of rooms that host an array of activities. 

  • Administrative Offices
The  Association Management team is located in  the Fountain View Center, as well as off the hallway near the entrances of the building.
  • Member Services Desk
Located at the center entrance of Prairie Lodge for the purpose of registration, ticket sales, general questions, Membership IDs and photos.
  • Business Center
Print, copy, and faxing service can be done here for a small fee. Located near the Member Services Desk of Prairie Lodge.
  • Reading Room
A private area designated for a depository of books and reading material. Available are computers with Internet service. Located near the center of Prairie Lodge.
  • Fitness Center
Centrally located  in the building at 12920 Del Webb Blvd,  is the state-of-the art fitness center which houses the community’s indoor walking track, sauna and spa service, indoor pool, and one of the outdoor pools.
  • Drendel Ballroom
The community’s largest room, provides space for large gatherings, and offers a stage for theater productions and is located at 12900 Del Webb Blvd.
  • Activity Rooms
There are a variety of rooms for all activities. Certain rooms are dedicated to arts, sewing, computers, cards, etc. Others are available for rental of private gatherings and parties.

Tall Oaks Tennis CortsTall Oaks Tennis Club & Bocce Courts

The tennis club is a separate facility across from Prairie Lodge, located at 13150 W. Sun City Blvd.. It is home to eight tennis courts, some of which are equipped with lighting. Six Bocce courts are located just outside the Fountain View entrance at Prairie Lodge, located at 12940 Del Webb Blvd..


Wildflower Lake

Wildflower Lake

 A man made lake located off of Del Webb Blvd, is a designated "Resident Only” fishing area.Residents can enjoy fishing off the shore or off the pier.A comfort station with restrooms is adjacent to the parking area.


 Eakin Fields

Walking / Bike Path

Situated throughout the community are paved walking/biking trails. These trails wind around Wildflower Lake and through some of the communities protected Wetland areas. Trail map and information. (more) 





Millgrove Woodshop

A facility specifically for the purpose of carpentry provides a unique setting for those that wish to build with their hands while using some of the best advancements in technology. Housed in the same facility are the billiards and a model of a railroad system.  Millgrove is located at 13400 W. Sun City Blvd.


Meadow View LodgeMeadow View Lodge

Sun City Huntley’s second lodge is located at 12980 Meadow View Court, situated on the south side of the community. It is the facility for yet a second fitness center and outdoor pool. There are five rooms available for activities, meetings, and group gatherings. A second Member Service Desk is located on the main floor. Photo IDs cannot be taken at this facility.

Walleye Grill fireplaceJameson's Restaurant

Located at 12860 Del Webb Blvd., at the west end of the Prairie Lodge is a restaurant called Jameson's.It is open for lunch and dinner throughout the week, with services for both private residents and the public.Within the facility is a pub that serves as a bar and offers the same menu as the restaurant.See their page for more details. (more)


The Wellness Center

Sun City Huntley believes that a key component to an active adult lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle.To encourage healthy living, part of the activity programming includes activities sponsored by the Wellness Center, located at 12920 Del Webb Blvd. in the Prairie Lodge. For more information of The Wellness Center programs see their page. (more)


Whisper Creek Golf Course

Whisper Creek Golf Club

This golf course is located at 12840 Del Webb Blvd., at the west end of Prairie Lodge. It is a privately owned course, owned by Billy Casper Golf, which is open to both residents of Sun City Huntley and the public.




00 Lifestyles, 2016

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
December 2016 PDF (4.57 MB) Administration 11/29/2016
November 2016 PDF (6.62 MB) Administration 10/25/2016
October 2016 PDF (6.35 MB) Administration 9/26/2016
September 2016 PDF (6.7 MB) Administration 8/25/2016
August 2016 PDF (7.93 MB) Administration 7/27/2016
July 2016 PDF (8.91 MB) Administration 6/24/2016
June 2016 PDF (6.31 MB) Administration 5/26/2016
May 2016 PDF (9.6 MB) Administration 4/27/2016
April 2016 PDF (10.81 MB) Administration 3/29/2016
March 2016 PDF (9.63 MB) Administration 2/24/2016
February 2016 PDF (4.74 MB) Administration 1/28/2016
January 2016 PDF (5.86 MB) Administration 12/28/2015